Monday, July 11, 2011

Ramblings of a 90 degree afternoon............

Weigh in today ~ official # is......187.4 - a gain from the other day but down 3.6 since last week ~ woo2hoo!   I'm sure that was the glass of wine I had last night after my bi-annual Golf outing. 

Speaking of husband is a golfer ~ I am not.  Once every two years I'll go out with him and see if I like it yet ~ Not yet.  Frankly, I like my hobbies dangerous or deadly like Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding, Running or Cliff Diving.  Golf, I'll try again in 2013.

The Trophy Wives ~ golfing

So on to today's event ~ I went for a Fill a week earlier than scheduled.  Not all the time, but some of the time I can get down a lot of food ~ usually when I am sitting home alone and bored or when there is guacamole in front of me ~ it just jumps into my mouth.  I am hoping this fill (1cc) will reign me in a bit.  So I am up to 5cc total.  Twelve pounds lost since my last visit My Dr is happy and I am happy ~ what more could a girl ask for.  

I know everyone's journey is different ~ I am lucky that exercise has never been an issue ~ for me it is eating.  I have used and abused food since I was a kid.  It is just now with the help of the Band that I can slow down just enough to recognize the triggers and the split second when things go wrong.  I am 1 for 10 so far in stopping in that moment.  Like right now I am working from home...and that is a trigger for me ...and there is a box of cookies on the counter in front of me....I wont eat them because I am on liquids after my fill and because I am off sugar...but they are talking to me and waiving....I can imagine eating them ...then I immediately know that they won't taste as good as I think they will and then I will feel bad.  So I say NO! to you Mr Cookie ~ I am going to go for a bike ride ~ I say Good Day!


  1. Good job saying no, it's hard - but it pays off! :)

  2. I have learned not to have treats in the house. no talking if they aren't within reach!

  3. You are doing (and looking) great! Funny how that "jump in the mouth thing" happens to me now and then too. ;)