Saturday, January 25, 2014

Oh Hello Saturday

How did this week go by so fast?  

I'm so nervous - tomorrow morning is my boudoir shoot.   

You know that nightmare that you have after you lose a bunch a weight.  The one where you have gained it all back?  Yeah...I'm living that one.  

Good news - I have a friend who is a trainer - she is putting together a plan for the Yellowstone Half for me.  I'm hopeful but I also know me.  I've never ever finished or stuck to any plan, ever.
So, lets see where it goes.

Its warm here today - might get over freezing today...but then snow again this afternoon.  

I fell off the sugar wagon all week.  So there's that.  Sorry I have nothing upbeat to share.  Just wanted to check in here.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Perspective ~ and weighin

Starting weight - 241 pre-band February 2011
Lowest Weight POST OP 155 December 2012
Highest Weight POST OP 188.6 January 12 + 33.6 pounds....
This week - 186.6 = 2 pound loss 

Its working....the no sugar plan....
Here's the thing - I fell hard off the wagon on Saturday.... I was feeling good.  Great even. 
Then I talked on the phone to my mother.....
Shit.  The cravings kicked in and it went bad.
Add in a stressful work weekend and back to square one once again.... but I know what works - I just wrote about it a few hours before I fell apart.  

And begin ...again. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Boring Post

Just rolling along here.  Somehow by the grace of God I am floating in a zone of happiness and light.  Meaning - sugar free, no cravings, and no hunger.   Not that I'm actually flying around in a bubble filled with light...although that would rock too...
I digress.

I'm taking breaths, noticing whats working and repeating the good patterns.  There was a moment a few days ago when I wanted to pull into a deli and grab a "snack" then a voice said "how does this benefit your end goal"  what?? Where did that come from?  I kept driving - went back to the office and had tea.  The amazing thing is, I didn't feel deprived later or feel like I deserved a reward for doing the "right" thing.  I was just happy. 

The scale is trending down and I'll post a weigh in tomorrow.
Not sure what it is but these are the things I've been doing and will continue to do...

1. Feel Blessed
2. Take a good moment each day to be grateful for everything
3. Take a time out (hey if smokers can do this so can I) every day to look at something beautiful.  Really look around and take it in
4. Move that body. 
5. Same protein shake every morning
6. Vitamins :  Flintstones multi, vita c with rose hips, b12, rasp%berry key*tones
7. WATER with LEMON all the live long day
8. Yoga - Namaste bitches!
9.  Believe we are all connected 
10. Feed myself good food
11. NO SUGAR or processed crap
12. Oil pulling every morning

Yesterday this is what I did:
Walk/run on treadmill - 30 mins
protein shake: rice milk, green vibrance, spirutine protein powder, frozen blue berries
half of a bean rice burrito and 1/2 cup pumpkin vegan soup
atkins shake
half of an amys dinner 
pb2 protein shake

Today is Mo's first Art Show as a full time Artist!!  I'm so proud of him!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ten Things Thursday

1. Took the early bus to NY yesterday 

2. Bus got pulled over on the way in - never had that happen before.... It ended up being a non event but in my head I pictured it more like a movie where the bus gets hijacked and there is a helicopter chase... meh 

3. Schlepped all over NYC - 

4. My food was good -  I didn't drink enough water - and felt like crap last night because of that

5.  My ankle is better - even after all the walking yesterday - I'll hit the treadmill this morning for a very short run to test it out...

6.  Its cool to visit - but I def couldn't live girl needs her woods, beach and grass..

7. Food Plan today - protein shake, soup or kitcheree....amy's frozen dinner

8.  Drinking the same shake for breakfast daily is key to success ...

9.  Yesterday I ate - coffee, two bites of yogert, 1/3 blue berry muffin, splitpea soup, calamari, hummus and pita,  1 glass of wine and one spicy margarita...not bad for being out of my routine.

10.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Early Morning Quickie

Day Two - I stayed clean -
Went to yoga - it was way more advanced than the last class - its  a miracle I didn't fall over. It was an open flow class - I really liked it though- super challenging

I STUCK TO MY FOOD PLAN!!!!!! Woo hoo! No wine with dinner - big pat on the back.

I'm off to NYC in a few mins - 2.5 hr bus ride - meh - but I get to read my book - loving - The Signature of all Things - by Elizabeth Gilbert.

My Plan today is simple - Focus on Tea and Water - and enjoy Manhattan - even though when I go there I get a bit overwhelmed and feel like a country bumpkin...

Still feeling calm, happy and grateful today.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I've found it - at least for a day - success!

My New Years Day (1/13/14) was an epic win - thanks Miss Lorie for all the inspiration you sugar free badass!

Yesterday, I went to yoga - which was super impressive because I sprained my ankle AGAIN on Sunday - not the worst I've ever done but still ouch! 

The busy season has started and yesterday was a long work day - getting the yoga in at lunch was a huge help - I was calm and peaceful all day - this is key not binging on crap.

Yesterday - 
I ate:
1/2 protein shake - blue berries, lite soy milk, soy protein, green vibrance and flax meal
atkins shake
1 cup vegan chili
1 sqare vegan corn bread - yum - I made this and the chili and it kicks ass
atkins shake
Chili/cornbread for dinner 
 Green Tea throughout the day

This was an epic combo - I can't remember the last time I felt so peaceful, happy and calm.  Must remember this. Also there is more daylight now and although its still winter - I know spring will come. 

Today -
Protein Shake 
8:30 Yoga
Chili for lunch
Atkins shakes to sub in 
 Inlaws for dinner but we are eating very healthy and so are they - so that should be an easy one

I've got to go to NYC tomorrow for work appts and a lunch with a good friend.  So I'll bring a few shakes with me.
Thursday - if my ankle is better - which it should be - I'll start running. 

I've been making time each day to be grateful for something - I'm actually grateful for a ton of stuff - but focusing on one thing at a time works best for me.
Yesterday instead of racing to the office I took 10 minutes and sat at the ocean - life is so huge and bigger than the drama...this made me happy.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

First good sleep of the year! and weigh in


Finally! I took the antibiotics and had a good night sleep!  Praise Be!
And its warm here today, 45 degrees!  And the sun is shining! 
And I'm spending the afternoon with Mo going to art galleries.
And I'm feeling good - can you tell? 

Beth Ann posted this link over on FB for meat free high protien meals - I'm going to make a bunch of these - they look so yummy! 

Whats exciting about this week? 
~ 90 days of yoga starts Monday
~ Mo Joined the Gym and is on operation get fit too
~ Its going to be warm (40s)
~ I'm pretending tomorrow is new years day and I can finally start the training for the half marathon and launch my operation health 2014
~ Its sunny
~ Its warm
~ Its Sunny and Warm
~ I'm going to NYC on Wednesday - some of it is for business some for fun
~ 45 Days till vacation - Florida - motivation for getting my SH together bathing suit wearing....

Goal Setting - 2014
Weight 1/12/14 - 188.6 

Boudoir Shoot - scheduled for 1/26 @ 9am ~ check!
Weight - get back on the scale- lose 40 pounds - although I hate the scale I did most of my losing when I was weighing daily.  
Run 2 half marathons
Two MTB races
1 century road ride
Re-do gardens and landscaping at our house
Put up a new fence
Ride a wave 


Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm Jealous

Jealous of all you paleo/carb free protein eaters....

I've been following  a few successful bloggers - whats been working for them?  Besides exercise?  
They are paleo - meat eating - sugar free - lo carb - badasses.

Damn right I'm Jealous.  I wish I could follow that plan because it works.  Sometimes I think about it...but when it comes down to me actually eating flesh...I just can't.   I've been vegetarian or vegan for over four years.  I just get nauseous thinking about what actually happens to the animals and where our food actually comes from...factory farming etc.  I can't put something into my body that has sadness tied to it.  

So, this is not an excuse for failure - just me venting and wishing there was an alternative that wasn't processed soy or beans and rice...

Happy Friday!  Have a kickass weekend everyone - get out there and move your body!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Ten Things Thursday  ~ 

1.  I went to the NY Botanical Gardens today with some of my best girlfriends to see the train show - was a fun day

2.  I felt sick again today - more stuffy nose..and return of!

3.  Orange is the new Black is my new favorite show

4. Boudior shoot set for 1/25.   game on!

5. Warmer weather is on the way - mtb is in my future this weekend

6. Tomorrow - tread mill to start the day 

7.  Yoga starts on Monday!

8.  I haven't been eating clean.  

9.  Love seeing more of you blogging again - its a big motivator for me!

10.  Here are some photos from today 

Frozen Sunset

NY Botanical Gardens Train Show

More Train Show

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day One ~ 2014

I am back in the land of the living.  So lets just pretend today is the first day of the new year - a week late.

Of course going to the Dr (I have no health insurance at the moment) and spending 130 bucks for her to tell me I'm getting better and probably do not need antibiotics helped.  

This morning - I'm treadmill bound - its 5 degrees outside - no effing way is the great outdoors an option...hats off to you Canadians (Leigh) - I'm just not that hardcore...yet!

I'm signing up for 90 days of yoga for 90 bucks - unlimited yoga for three months - yes please! 
So good news - my band is looser...phew...big relief.  Now to eat veggies and good food!

These area few things I want to focus on the rest of this week -
Adding in veggies 
Walk/Jog on the treadmill to start getting my lungs back
Track my food 
Fuel my body with whole food.

PS - my favorite thing about this week is the use of the word Vortex... it makes me smile...

Here we go! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Wow - Cold=Tight

My shit is tight....
I don't mean my ass or my life...but my band.
I've never felt it this tight.  I'm fine getting liquids in but solids not so much.  
One of two things has happened:
1. I coughed so hard my band slipped
2. I had been eating honey for my throat and it made my band sticky?
3. The weight I gained made it tighter...

Today was my first day back among the land of living - so I didn't push it just went to the office for the day and came back home - no treadmill today - will get on that tomorrow.
Today I ate - 
Juice: Carrot/beet/orange/lemon
atkins shake
1/4 cup kitcheree
lots of tea and water

Tonight I will probably do soup or a smoothie - I don't want to push it.

 A good friend of mine who is an uber health nut just started doing this cleanse twice a day - Its said to kill cancer tumors and make your body alkaline and pull out all bacteria - its aluminum free baking Soda found at a health food store and grade A pure maple syrup with water and lemon - there is a bit more to it - you can google to read more...
I just chugged a glass of it to try and kill this stupid cold once and for all 
Thats some NASTY shit.  I now feel nasuous.  She claims her boyfriend who has chronic Lyme Disease and has been sick for years feels 100% better after doing it for a week. 
I'll see how I feel tomorrow not sure I would try it again but if its for real....its good thing.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Freshy Fresh Dope 2014 goals

Today the cold is subsiding - I'm not able to work out just yet but my mind is less foggy and I'm excited to tackle the new year.  

Here are a few goals - not body or weight related:

Plan and book a family trip to Italy - we are taking my inlaws to Italy this fall and unlike our usual travel, this needs to be planned to the minute.

Learn a new sport - thinking about surfing.  

Do a boudoir photoshoot - my friend Jenn is the bomb and and has been trying to get me to do this.  Its a bit scarey but she swears I'll look hot.  So why not. Check out her blog here - Satinsky Photography

Double my business this year.  Yes - very daunting but I tripled it last year so double is doable. Mapping it out and  breaking it down to the daily steps I need to take are key.  Be consistant. 

Redecorate the house.  This may be pushed to later in the year as we are now soley on my income, because Mo left his job to pursue his dream of being a working artist.  So far so good.  I truly believe that if you do what makes you joyful -  the money will come.  At least I'm hoping like hell that is the case

Live on a budget - I've never been able to do this.  Not sure how to even.  I think its linked to my rebellious hatred of being told what to do.  This skill will be critical to our success in 2014.

Be more mindful and meditate - open my heart more.

And thats about all I've got for today -
Kitcheree is in the pot cooking - started the day with a protein shake and plan on focusing on protein all day.  Tomorrow will be a slow workout to see where my lungs are at.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Mic check one two what is this?

Abandoning my blog...Thats so 2013.....

Here we are. A fresh start, 2014 - I'm ringing in the new year with a real bastard of a cold and a blizzard.  My plans of biking on New Years Day and getting my running SH together are mere puffs of smoke in my nyquil/dayqil basted brain.   

But there is hope. 

And a new plan.

And a desire to feel healthy like I once did.

And to fit into my killer wardrobe like I once did.

Truth - I gained 30 pounds in 2013.  Yes. I. Did.

How? Basically two things happened.

1.  I drank too much

2.  I chose to ignore the warning signs and thought I was above the law.

2a.  Meaning, I stopped following the rules and spent way too much time partying.

3.  I regret nothing.....well maybe the excessive amount of french fries I ate

3a.  Seriously, I don't regret a good time

4.   Moving forward, I chose health over drinking and eating stupid shit.

These are the things I propose to do about it.

Love my friends and know that I don't have to drop everything to hang out all the time and even though they like to drink - I have to put my health first and that means riding my bike and taking care of me first and meeting up for party time second - I will not schedule my workouts around party time.  Its got to be the other way around.

Have a workout plan each week and stick to it 90% of the time - I am training for a half marathon.

The Band - it might be time to take some fluid out of the oh so tight band.  I have learned how to eat around it and have not been eating healthy

Food - cut out sugary foods and focus on whole foods.  

Here's to a new year! Fresh Start!