Friday, May 31, 2013

TTT - on Friday

1. - yep I'm a day late
2. - Nothing new in life - except   its hot as balls now....
3.  Got my bike all tuned up for Vermont ~ woo hoo!
4.  Trainer 3 days in a row was a horrible idea..I can barely move
5. Food situation is horrible but it is what it is
6. 170.6 
7.  Mani Pedi and color touch up today....lunch time emergency
8.  Friday night plans - meeting a friend at the ocean for a sixer and some girl excited
9.  S'mai and Ed want to go to the beach for a swim...the thought of walking right now is over whelming...
10.  I am bored with blogging.  - there I said it.


  1. I'm in AZ so I understand HEAT! Although, you probably have humidity too so (maybe) you win.

  2. Please don't be bored blogging. I love reading your stuff!!!!!!

  3. I love your blog too-- keep on writing.
    You don't need to write every day-- and it doesn't need to be long-- not even necessarily about weight loss or exercise every single day, but I do find that the writing / blogging/ checking in really helps me stay accountable.

    And as for your weight being up, you were 4 pounds lighter a few days ago-- that is not a 'real' weight gain. Just keep it in check and you will get it back down. Never surrender.