Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday ~ check in

The weather is beautiful today!!  I'm definitely going MTB - just not sure when.  I have to take my geared bike for a spin before we go to Vermont.  
Yesterday I mowed the lawn - its  a love/hate thing...I love having it all done - I hate that I can't do it when I want to... dammit!
I was whining to Mo this morning that I cant do two things at once...odd since I'm all ADD.  
I kick ass on fitness and losing weight when that's all I have going on - but it gets tossed out the window when I'm super busy at work...
Its like a battle between the two things I want - healthy smaller body and having all the bills paid and starting a savings account.
I feel like this is the big challenge of life - balance... I have no clue how people with kids do it...I always feel guilty or bad that I'm neglecting one area of my that just a woman thing? 

On to fun thoughts and pictures - I saw my dream car this week - 1958 Red VW Beetle - its for sale for 18K - too much for me to justify.... maybe next year...

Our new listing - I love these houses -two houses from the 1700s that have been restored - so nice -I've made them my new summer offices!

Ed post swim yesterday...

Russel Simmons grabbing his woman's ass - too cool to walk on the sidewalk - my office has a great view for celeb stalking

First sixpack of bud cans I've bought since high school...

Princess Buttercup

Mr. Pepper - his friend Mr. Salt was the victim of an attack by a cat...thats my friend Gret - she has a big farm - horses, mini donkeys - etc..I love stopping in for a visit.


  1. I need to visit Gret! Look like so much fun.

    What is this balance thing you speak of? I've never even heard of it.

  2. Love your new summer office!!! I know about letting things go when other things are pressing in on you. Just keep calm and try to breathe hon. /heart u

  3. Isn't balance over-rated? I can't ever seem to find it either....I am alway giving up one thing to do another...

  4. I'm rather jealous of your gorgeous weather. Do not be disheartened. You cannot kick ass at everything all of the time. Nobody can. You are no more superwoman than anyone else. Give yourself a bit of a break and recognise that sometimes you have to focus on work and at other times you can concentrate on yourself. Regardless we love you. Xxx