Thursday, June 27, 2013


I may not be "on the wagon" ...but its 5am and I'm getting ready to ride my bike when I could be sleeping till 8.....I would call that a lifestyle. 

1.  I'm feeling better - the tiredness has passed
2.  Summer schedule is in full effect - working till 3 or 4 most days then going to the beach or pool to hang.
3.  Food is and will always be the hard part
4.  I just get bored with eating the same bland crap day in and day out...
5.  Just discovered Grace Potter and the Nocturnals..I'm late to the party, I know
6.  Our lawnmower died mid mow...I left her where she died..classy.
7.  Robyn is an inspiration - thank you for giving me hope that I can pull my shit together!
8.  July 4th is a week is that possible? 
9.  Baggy clothes are dangerous...I feel skinny when I wear them...
10.  Off to chase sunrise on the bike..


  1. Glad to hear you're still sticking to your biking. A great way to clear your head no? As for the food, it definitely is the hardest part. But you can be stronger than that. It's amazing how something as simple as food can take complete control over our lives!

  2. Yay to feeling skinny! Enjoy your ride.

  3. Robyn is not only my bestie, but my personal inspiration as well.

    You too lady - you are my Warrior biatch and I adore reading you posting about "doing you". It's a highlight of my day for sure.

    Clean eating may not be where you need to be today. Perhaps it will be tomorrow or not...but as you and I both know, daily exercise is key to keeping the weight off.

    Love you dear. /hugs

  4. i am so jealous of your summer schedule. i need to get myself a career that i can do that. it is so hard to stay "work" motivated in the summer! have fun and keep up the good work!

  5. 3- Food sucks. Why can't we just quit?
    4- I get bored and turn to sugar.
    7- Robyn is killing it! Showing us that we can keep pushing no matter how many days we are into our journey.
    9- Exact. Same. Boat.

  6. Summer is usually my "good" time health wise due to my swimming & all the fresh veggies & fruits available, this year....not so much :-/