Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life update and 10 things thursday

This weekend was great - rode 30 miles on Sunday Morning -
Food has been ok - still struggling a bit with the ice cream...but whatever - I'm feeling pretty good.
Work has slowed a ton - I'm not complaining - its actually nice right now - the calm before the storm. 
Plan for this week:

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: Trainer - upper body - run after
Wednesday: 6am road ride - did 30 miles
Thursday: Trainer - run after
Friday: Road Bike - 25 Miles
Saturday: very early road ride - 35 Miles
Sunday:Road ride - or mountain 

Ten things Thursday:
1.  I have perfected the "Irish Exit"
2. Mo accidentally locked Ed outside all night last night!  He didn't make a peep - I just let him in...poor dog..I think he likes sleeping under the stars...
3.  I got Mo to start working out with the Trainer
4. I've been a lazy blogger - sorry...not much to report
5. Weight has been holding around 168-169...annoying 
6. Going to read blog from beginning to get back to basics
7. I'm just doin me...nothing too exciting
8.  Planning epic 80s birthday bash for me and my friend Suey - there will be a blow up movie screen with Say Anything playing...
9.  Summer is my zone.. flip flops, sun dresses and sunrise bike there anything better?
10.  Just enjoying each day. 

Sammy - doin' her!

The Famous Cookiepuss carvel cake


  1. Poor Ed!! And OMG if Sammy could be any cuter I'd have to eat her up. /luuuurrrrve!!

    /heart u Warrior

    Oh...G wants to know how your liking your road bike compared to Mtn Bike? You know he's a road biker.

  2. Your birthday party planning sounds fun!!

  3. Party sounds so fun!
    I'm a bad blogger in the summer. This is the third slacker summer and the trend is holding steady. I'm not gonna fight it, I'm just rolling with it.

  4. 25 miles here, 35 here... nbd. Lol I love it!

  5. You are really a rock star! I so admire you.
    Did you find a good weekend yet?