Thursday, June 13, 2013


1.  I was an exercise pig yesterday - Trainer at 5:45 did weight lifting then ran 2.5 miles and then went biking after work - 15 miles - road/woods...

2. Sweet Jesus I am in pain this morning and Trainer comes in 15 minutes (5:45am) - not sure I'll make it through plyo/cardio without barfing

3.  The weather has been shitty - lots of heavy rain - so I was justified in running and biking outside yesterday - dammit! 

4.  Its going to piss rain again today

5. S'mai had her teeth cleaned yesterday - fresh doggie breath and pearly whites!

6. Food has been great - been eating 75% fresh clean foods..

7.  Have a wedding to go to on Friday dress requires major spanx and lots of core work...

8. Love that summer is here - the beach cactus is blooming and the water is almost warm enough to go swimming.  

9.  I must make sure there are lots of beach days this summer - or at least chunks of time for the beach.
9a - I wish we had a shower at the office so I could take mini breaks and go to the beach then run back to work....

10. Urgh - 5 minutes till trainer gets here...I'm dreading the pain today.... Its gonna be bad.


  1. We have been having so much rain here too! And I am so so so ready for beach time! The lake here isn't anywhere close to being warm enough to swim in though!

  2. Ahhh! Beast mode!! You are a rockstar and you are inspiring me to get going!

  3. Lots of beach days sounds like my kind of summer :) Spanx are the devil.

  4. I miss the beach!
    You're an exercise rockstar. I need someone like you in my life!

  5. No pain, no gain!

  6. Such an inspiration,Vanessa !!! YOU GO GIRL !!!! So beyond proud of you !!!!
    I love reading your blog ... much love! Liv.