Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday was a summer solstice gathering at my friend's place- aka the northwest social club - we took the afternoon off work to swim and play - ping pong, corn hole and just chill out.  It was great.  
Saturday I worked most of the day.
Yesterday I was up at 5am and out for a bike ride - did 37 miles solo - it was beautiful and awesome - see photos below.
Worked for a few hours then went to the beach..
Not sure whats been going on with me but I've been so tired.  Going to bed at 8:30 and sleeping till 7 or 8 in the morning...
Food has been terrible, I'm binging and using sugar to prop me up throughout the day...I'm contemplating doing a juice cleanse to reboot...its been ugly...real ugly.  The scale said 170 after my epic bike ride...and I'm noticeably larger...hrumph. I want to care a lot but its getting old...
Everything else is good...Mo thinks I need to go to the doctor, but I've now got really shitty health insurance so it will be a fortune...boooooo.
Anyway - you all inspire me daily and here's to the never ending journey and battling the hunger sugar monster one moment one decision at a time. 

Top secret dinner location

My top secret store is now open!!

The great egg laying of 2013

Can Jam spotted at the beach

My office yesterday afternoon

Main Beach 6:30 on Sunday morning - pretty perfect

The Long Road home


  1. Beautiful pictures but I'm real sorry to hear you're struggling. I agree with Mo. Maybe a doctor can shed some light on what's going on. And sometimes it's just helpful to talk to someone. You've come a long way baby. Don't throw it all away.

  2. Can I come spend the day at your office? I think I would be much more productive there!

  3. Spectacular.
    Sista, I hear you about the sugar monster. It's an ugly beast to fight. We can only fight one moment at a time though and each time I say no, it gets easier the next time. I'm with you. /heart u

  4. ugghhhhh! totally hear you on the eating. i am back on the wagon today. one day at a time for all of us. keep up the good work!

  5. Today is a comfort food day for me, I'm sure I'll be paying for it throughout the week. A doc visit wouldn't be a bad idea, feeling sluggish is no fun & there could be an underlying issue expecially since you're so active.

  6. Kinda a bit larger myself... :) Here is to the never ending hunger.