Saturday, May 4, 2013

Reality check

After Thursdays  post - which was very very real...I took that walk on the beach and you know what? I felt better.  I made plans with my bestie to play hooky and go mountain biking that afternoon.

We got the heck out of here drove west for an hour an rode for 3 hours - laughing and whooping around the woods - 24 miles.. I slept like a baby that night.

I remember why I do this.

I got the lap band for a variety of reasons - number one was to get confidence - I am the lion in the wizard of oz.  Since the band - I became successful in business - 
Waking up and getting dressed was no longer terrifying
I felt proud of who I was
I put myself first

Lately I am back to having two outfit choices - no good.
This slapped me in the face last night when I got a last minute request to show houses that are in the 4-5Million dollar price range....panic - all my nice clothes are too tight - I'll be in jeans and feeling uncomfortable through the appointment...
A big reality check of why I did this....

Eating my stress will not fix my problems - only make them worse..
I'll get back on that horse today ...I mean Scale...and walk one step in front of the other  -

This article by Russel Brand is very relateable - just replace the words - heroin and alcohol with sugar and food....there is no easy way out...and however hard it is to accept - I am powerless over sugar and food and MUST be vigilant - Leigh at Poonapoolza knows whats up....

Thanks for all of your comments and encouragement....very few of us have a straight line direct to goal...I think that's rare - I still have a lot to learn on the journey.

Here foot in front of the step forward..

Back to the reason why I had this surgery...So I could be confident and brave..



That walk on the beach


  1. 1- I love the MTB pictures! What a good way to spend your day.
    2-I'm back to "picking outfits" too. I HATE IT!
    "can't wear that, can't wear this." Ugh.
    3- I love that article.

  2. You are sooooooooo brave and I'm really proud of you:)

  3. My addiction is very much like alcohol and drugs to others....You are very brave and I am very inspired by you!