Thursday, May 23, 2013


1.  I came down with a cold - it sucks.  
2.  If you looked up Shit Show in the dictionary it would show this week.
3.  The horror of Memorial Day Weekend is upon us...where NYC will empty out and they will all come to the Hamptons - Now I can't hate on it too bad because that's how I make a living but really is hard on the nerves - with traffic jams and entitled people
4. Trainer this morning - bring on the pain 
5.  My new bed time is 8:30...not sure if I'm regressing or turning into an old lady
6. 5am wake up is getting easier
7.  I will not turn to food when life is stressing me out
8. Maybe I should take up smoking pot
9. But then I would have the munchies and would eat more
10.  urgh.
11. Two weeks from today - I'll be in Vermont - mountain biking!


  1. Best of luck to you this weekend Warrior, I know it's a crazy stressful time for you.

  2. oh my gosh, I can't stay awake past 830 -- I have officially entered old lady status :D Good luck over the weekend...

  3. taking up smoking pot...tee hee...wouldn't that be a diet killer....

  4. 5 am wake up should only happen for the best of adventures! That being said, you are a badass warrior! Keep at it!

  5. So funny, when I read number 8 the first thing I thought was #9!!

    I normally fall asleep in my recliner before 9:30.

  6. 5am? I didnt realize the clock went that low.