Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Its 4:50 am...what are you doing?

I'm up chugging coffee getting pumped for training!

Yesterday was the first session - 6am - like a boss.   We ran from the house to the beach and did plyometrics.  It was great - except my true spazz came out ...I may be able to ride a bike like a beast but when it comes to footwork and coordination - it aint pretty.  Oh well, something to work on.

This morning is total body conditioning ... operation tone up flabby arms, butt and belly.  I'm sore as balls from yesterday but looking forward to getting more sore.  

Its awesome when its 7am and you have already finished a work out.    Was I in bed at 8:30 last night - you bet your ass I was.  Did I turn down an invite for drinks with friends?  You bet.

Food yesterday was good - there was a weak moment when I was going to meet a friend for frozen yogurt - but she canceled and the moment passed.  My trainer is keeping track of my food - he wasn't all that bothered by the frozen yogurt from time to time...I guess that takes the pressure off a bit.

Here's to getting back on track and operation get to goal sometime soon.


  1. Awesome = Vanessa!!!!! Rock it girl!! And I love being done my workout by 7am. It's the perfect start to the day!

  2. Awesome---you are working it!

  3. the Warrior is rocking it! Awesome job