Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday ~

Boom  - its here again.
I'm finally un sore and now its time for the trainer again...oy.   That's a good thing as I had a very bad food day yesterday and the weekend wasn't great.  No wine so that was good but yesterday was a shit show.  Brought on by a panic attack.  My biz partner decided to send me an email saying he was going to take off the month of June and spend this week planning the vacation.   I'm suck a sucker and started hyperventilating and sobbing hysterically.  
Only to have the next email tell me he was fucking with me...not nice.  
I was freaking out so bad Mo thought someone died.  It triggered a full on binge to calm down.... 
Seriously Panic hysteria - proof

Today is another day to start fresh - I'll post a weigh in later too - but since last week I was down 4 pounds yesterday - we'll see how bad the damage is from yesterday

In more exciting news - the cleaning people came yesterday - holy crap.  Game changer!  Best money we ever spent. Its almost better than winning the lotto..
Yes thats a deer taking a dump on out lawn - they are such honey badgers


  1. lol! I have never seen a deer take a poo...too funny!

  2. I am jealous of the house cleaner! I also need a yard boy. Or girl. I am open to either! Just someone else to take care of the day to day so I can spend my time being awesome!

  3. I just told G today I need to hire a cleaning person. : )
    /heart u Warrior!

  4. I like that the deer pooing in your yard was picture - and post - worthy! lol :D I wish I had a cleaning lady other than myself, because then my house might actually look presentable! :D Hope all went well with the trainer!