Saturday, May 18, 2013

Working Hard


Rolling over is a project this morning.  Yesterday was core work and that man killed me... Plank plank plank plank....and much more.

But I feet great.   I'm sick in the head and I love feeling sore. 

Yesterday I was up again at 4:30am - Trainer at 5:45 - then I ran 1.5 miles on the beach with the dogs to shake out the legs.

Work was insane yesterday and I was so stressed - you know what that means for the band - tight - I had "lunch" at 4:00 - frozen fat free yogurt..with the sprinkles...I know it was the only thing that would go down.. and if I buy it at the ice cream shop - I won't have a whole tub of the stuff at home.  But again - I'm learning that all or nothing doesn't work for me - I'm allowing myself to have what I want - in moderation so I don't feel deprived..strangely its not triggered a binge..

Post work - Mountain Bike "Vista Cruise"  - up to the bluffs with my buddy - It was a 2 hour relaxing - I 'm pretty sure I was in fat burning zone - not cardio....which is nice.

This morning Mo said I'm getting smaller....I think this trainer idea is working out!

Enjoy today and move your body - thats what you have it for...otherwise we would be built like blobfish....just sayin'

View from the Bridge Gof course

This happened and it was awesome!

vista cruising

For Rockband Barbie!

Sad state of groceries!

Groundhog in a tree - found this morning by Sammy and Eddie....


  1. Cute toes! It's always nice to hear that we're getting smaller. Apparently my ass is getting toned as per my massage therapist!!!!!

  2. Love your toes! And your photos always rock!


  3. I will miss the NC groundhogs...don't see them much here in GA. I like your idea that you aren't an all or nothing gal...sounds like real life. You are rocking this!

  4. I love the sprinkles.
    I'm learning moderation as well! We are doing this!

  5. It does seem like your trainer is working out for you. So happy.
    Moderation is hard- glad you are in a good balance right now.

  6. Ever impressed by your exercise commitment! Go girl.

  7. I am a strong believer in the idea that deprivation doesn't work; allow yourself little room or you'll binge. The theory has worked for me, I just eat a little of everything (hence being fat). LOL

    I envy your drive; hopefully I'll find mine once I get going again!