Thursday, May 2, 2013

heres what happend and 10 things thursday

I'm so far off the wagon I can't even see it...

That was my reality yesterday.  I'd lost all control starting days earier...this was at 7am and followed by Ice Cream before I even got dressed for work.  
I'm in a bad way. 

10 Things Thursday ~ 
1.  I need balance
2.  I've been too excited lately and using sugar to calm down
3.  I'm afraid I've Failed
4.  Everyone around me is healthy and I am not
5.  Whats a scale?
6. May is beautiful and I should be out riding non-stop but I feel sore
7.  My boobs hurt and have for 5 days - not sure what thats all about...
8.  When one area of my life is kicking ass (work) I sabatoge with food
9. I never liked the new kids on the block when I was younger but now I think they are hot.
10 .  The only person who can help me is me.
11. I will climb out of this hole one inch at a time...starting with a power walk on the beach this morning
12. My Clothes hardly fit 

I need botox...whats with that wrinkle in my brow?


  1. You will climb back on the wagon! This is just a blip in the road for you. I think it's normal to be going through this, I have been struggling lately too...

  2. Stop beating yourself up. Shit happens. That doesn't mean you are a failure. It means you are human. You know what works. And you also know that deprevation makes us crazy.

    I finally realized that I can't give up sugar completely. I love it...sue me. So instead I allow myself a big treat (not that big) on Saturday...and a tiny one throughout the week. It keeps me sane.

    You can do this. You can do anything you set your mind to. Next time don't eat the entire box of donuts. Take out 1 or 2 and say...yummy in my tummy and then move on with your day.

    Sending you virtual hugs.

  3. I think we're living parallel lives. We can do this. One decision at a time. We have kicked ass to this point and we're NOT going to go backwards. Enough. We are taking our power back. Rock it, warrior!

  4. I'm not gonna lie, this scares me. I know what a horrible evil sugar is. I had to kick it myself. And this is exactly why I won't ever have "just one", because I know I can't. As hard as sugar is to kick, think of how much harder it will be if you go back to where you started. That would be devestating. Giving up sugar, not so much. Hard, but not impossible. I know you can do this. You have come so far and I know that all the sweat, tears and determination you've put in thus far was hard. Losing weight and maintaining is hard. You are more valauable than a box of donuts. Huge hugs to you!

  5. Well the wagon didn't will do a three day sugar detox and get back on track. You can do this!

  6. i am with you! But today is the second day of a new month and we can do this...only a few days of "getting back on track" and we will see the light! good luck!

  7. you have not failed! you are still in the game and you will get back up and kick some sugar butt too.

  8. You haven't failed, that wagon is just beyond that box of doughnuts.

    We always think we have to start over. We don't. You are 20ish pounds from goal, not 100. You have a bike, a band, you are an athlete! You just took a little pit stop. Get back on the bus or, er, wagon. Drive that sucker.