Thursday, April 25, 2013


1. Yesterday = SUG-AR FREE!  Booyah!

2.  Got my hair did - love my color

3.  Going to get on dreadmill shortly - went mtb with the girls yesterday

4.  Am dying for spring weather!

5.  This is my status on FB:
Secret to happiness ~ haven't watched the news in over a month and am on a steady diet of 80s music and 90's hip hop.....sprinkle in some mountain biking and that pretty much equals bliss.... just sayin' - in the event that anyone else wanted to find happiness...I might start a church...prob have the Rev. Run officiate.
6.  I can't stop quoting 80s songs - so take these broken wings and learn to fly again
7.  I should stop drinking coffee....but one thing a time
8.  I heart Macklemore....that video makes my day...every day
9.  Ever just crack yourself up?  I do all day everyday...that is probably one of the best things about growing up an only child...I am so myself that is.
10 - Favorite Body part...on my body that is - waist/hip curve. 
Have a kick ass day!     


  1. I gave up so much in my can't be one of them. I want a new drug!!!!!!!!

  2. I need to give up coffee, too. With all the heavy cream I put in it (like 3 tbsp), it ends up costing me 150 cals per cup. Eek! I mean, I norrrrmally only have the one. But that's ridic.

    Let's see the color!

  3. I crack myself up all the time :) Mother Nature can't make up her mind was literally in the 30's yesterday and will be in the 70's today :)

  4. Great TTT! I am an only child, too, and I am the funniest person I know. Actually, that's Hubs, but I'm a close second. I am not strong enough to give up coffee.

  5. I've recently cut out much of the sugar from my diet and it really does feel good. It's amazing how many food companies are out there trying to poison people for profit, isn't it?

  6. No fricking way would I be giving up coffee. I'd rather give up my right arm.

    I'm totally with you on the cracking yourself up thing though.

  7. WOW Congrats on being sugar free!! I love your FB status! 80's all the way!! We are going to see an 80's cover band tomorrow! Should be a blast! Cracking yourself up is a great thing! It keeps you smiling! :)

  8. Sugarfree- booyah!! awesome job!
    80's and 90's music is by far the best way to destress :)