Saturday, April 6, 2013

2 Year Bandiversary....

Time flies when you are having fun...

Here is my 1 year anniversary post ~ Around that time I weighed 159ish.... Now I'm at 163.4.
Four ish pound gain over a year and the scale is moving down now.  
Can't hate on that.  I blame stress, not having my head on right and sugar.

Kicking the white devil - aka sugar - has been the best thing for me - I just don't eat that way anymore.  What a great thing to say.

So two years out...what can I say.  I'm not at the weight I had hoped to be.  But weight is just a #.  I am free from the guilt-shame-self hatred cycle.  Do I fall off the wagon - sure but I've been able to get back on every time without too much damage.

I'm so thankful for having the lap band.  Again it is just a tool and along with it comes the major major major MAJOR -mental work. 
Its been a journey that I am still working on but am now in a good place.

What does it take?  Lots of exercise and commitment to making good choices.   Having accountability partners is a huge help - I have 3 of them - they are all just a text away - I know that there is someone out there who I can reach out to when I am weak or to share my joys and accomplishments at any moment.  Although my regular friends (non banded) are thrilled for me - they don't quite get the joy and excitement of turning down chocolate or being psyched that the scale moved an inch!

What would I say to my pre-op self?  
Buckle up - life is about to change.  You are taking a huge step that will forever change everything.  How people treat you, your ability to earn money, and your happiness.

Know that the journey is never done - it will always be a struggle - some times easier than others.

Just because you loose 80 pounds you will not look like Eva Mendes ~ you will look like you only smaller - still thigh heavy with saggy boobs and cellulite.  And thats ok - thats why there are spanx.

Know that you are worth every effort.  Stop apologising to people for who you were - grab life by the balls and march on. 

Today on my 2 year bandiversary, I'm heading off to Rincon PR for vacation with some friends ~ nothing to hold me back from paddle boarding, surf lessons, wearing cute sundresses and definitely not giving a shit about the airplane seat or the dreaded seat belt.  Boom! Its worth every minute of sweat and sacrifice.

 April 5 2011 day before surgery

April 3 2013

I'll have to find or take a recent full body shot for real comparison.


  1. Happy Bandiversary! So much to celebrate and so much to be proud of! Walk tall, friend. Smile lots...there are so many reasons to do so! Congratulations!

  2. Happy Bandiversary! You look great and should be so proud of yourself!

  3. Happy bandiversary! Four pounds in a year? Both you and I know that means nothing. I gained 3 pounds in two weeks while following strict phase 1 of my diet! You are awesome:)

  4. Vanessa- Happy, Happy Bandaversary. I could not be happy for all you have accomplished and found within yourself. I love you.

  5. Happy Bandiversary!! You are doing great!

  6. I know I say this every time you post an old photo, but I can't even believe that's you! What an amazing transition.
    You're doing great!
    What an inspiration you are.

  7. Happy bandiversary beautiful girly!!! So proud of you :)

  8. Very proud of you! You look great!


  9. Yeah Vanessa!! You are awesome.

  10. Happy Bandiversary...Love what you wrote!

  11. Happy Bandiversary! You look great!

  12. You are awesome!! Have Bandiversary!

  13. You look wonderful and you are an inspiration - accountability partners is such a great idea - I need some of those! x

  14. Yay! You're a great inspiration! I hope to be where you are in a year's time!