Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rainy Saturday

So Jealous of my dogs this morning - they are under the covers and napping hard...nothing on their agenda except sleep until the rain passes....Lucky!

Work -  has been crazy per usual but its all paying off now.  :) 

I broke my ban on the news for a bit yesterday...Saw some of the drama unfolding in Boston...I now know they captured the last suspect and I'm good to tune out again for a long time - VH1 in the morning is way better!

Mo is off again this weekend on a travel adventure - I get the bed back to myself....:)  I am saving for a king size bed....the queen is just too small for me - I love to sprawl.

So about this journey...yes I am and always will be a sugar addict...I am deep in the struggle lately and have to get back to the zone I was in two weeks ago.  Just one day clean...thats all I'm looking for. 
Yesterday was a disaster of epic proportions....but I know today can turn it all around.  Its going to be an all day drag out fight with the sugar deamons in my head....I have to focus on these things:

I will not die without sugar
I just don't eat that way anymore.
I feel better when I eat better

So say a little prayer for me that I am able to win just 1 day. :)


  1. I feel your pain on the sugar. I'm right there with you! Oddly enough I can't even have chocolate any more due to my lactose issues, so that's helped, but I still love my sugar in all other forms!
    It snowed here yesterday. I'd like to stay in bed all day too :-)

  2. Saying a little prayer now :) I have a small anxiety attack the second I even think of giving up's true that I may not die without it, but I promise you I would feel like I was dying without my Mountain Dew.

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  4. Prayers coming your way. You are strong and can find that day that sets you on the path to success, I know it. I have seen you do it before. Proud of you!

  5. I am jealous of my dogs everyday! Ahhhh!

    "I will not die without sugar." That is so true, but sometimes if feels like it:)

  6. Saying a sugar prayer for you!