Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WTF wednesday

I'm just plugging along - still no sugar.

I didn't get a change to workout the past two days...booo - work is crazy just trying to get everything done before vacation. 

Yesterday that wild dream I had the other day was confirmed.  I'm a bit spooked but also feel very luky/blessed that it happened and I was able to give my friend the message.  I just hope it doesn't become a regular occurance.

Today is acupuncture at 4 - I can't wait - the difference a week makes ~ I feel amazing.  Mo is going to see the guy at 3 for his treatment.  

4 Days till PR....:) :) :)

****FYI - Beet Juice tastes like dirt*****

What I ate yesterday -
.5 cup of beet/kale juice
Millet - bowl
Seaweed salad
rice chips
smoked salmon
tofu/portobello mushroom teriyaki stir fry     
roasted asparagus  



  1. Beet juice DOES taste like dirt!


  2. Beet juice... make me think of beetle juice for some reason. Thanks for the warning. I will be staying clear of that! It is such a pretty color too, shame!

  3. The first thing I think of when anyone talks about beets is Dwight from the Office.

    Hang in there vacation is right around the corner!!

  4. I am very curious about the dream and the message from your friend's mom and what happened! Email me.

  5. Good job on the sugar! And yes, ewww to beet juice!