Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!

1.  3 days till VACATION!

2. I'm all packed!

3.  Yesterday I did my 30 minute treadmill work out followed by Jillian's Shred Video - DAAAM I'm sore today.

4. Stopped in at the TJ MAXX yesterday and got the most obnoxious yellow purse.... I love it

5.  Not sure why shorts don't fit me - I have to go up a size - stupid heavy thighs.

6.  We went out to dinner last night - no dessert - but I had the most amazing fish tostadas

7.  I'm reading that Skinny Jeans at Last book that LBG reccommended - downloaded it for 1.99 - Its awesome - everyone should read it!   

8.  One of the things that my acupuncture dude said to me when I asked for advice about vacation and food - he said just enjoy your self and drink a lot of water - if you are going to drink - don't have dessert.  I think that sounds great!  Having permission to enjoy myself....thats crazy!

9.  Green Juice - really is amazing - one green juice keeps me happy and craving free for the day!
10.  Happy Spring~ even though its still cold as balls here...:(
Back on the treadmill this morning - maybe back for more abuse from Jillian....Hoping to get out in time tonight to go MTB too. 



  1. You look SOOOOO skinny in that pic...woo hoo...have fun on your vacation and enjoy yourself...I sure did! Just got back from the Florida Keys...gained 7 lbs that week, but took of 8.2 this week...wooo hoo again :)

  2. Yay for vaca!
    I downloaded that book too that LBG is talking about last night. It has good information!

  3. You do look super skinny! I love your yellow purse...I have one (also one in green) that is almost identical from last year. Do you make your green juice or buy it? Recipe? Have a blast on vacation! :-) Love the flowers...spring is on its way!! Por fin! Cheers!

  4. Sounds like you are doing great. Keep up the good work, and have fun in PR.

  5. Hope you have a blast on your trip...Love the yellow purse!

  6. I need to learn about this green juice.... I've read several bloggers lately who drink it

  7. Heavy thighs because you are an athlete!

  8. Have an awesome vacation! Hope you have a great time :)


  9. Happy Spring! Have a great time on vaction! You look great!

  10. TJMAXX - AMAZING!! love the purse :)

  11. Have fun on your trip!!!! Wow, look at those collar thang :)

  12. Have fun on your trip and enjoy in moderation