Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!

I love Thursday ~ In blogland - real life...meh...

1.  Yesterday was an improvement - still not off the sugar but managed ok until 4pm - then ran into Hershey's kisses and a few cookies...

2. Went MTB -rode hard for an hour or so - it felt great

3. Mo comes back from Father/Son Golf trip '13 tonight - I need to get this house clean before he arrives - not that he cares but I like to lead by example :)

4.  Ed keeps rolling in deer shit. 

5.  Spring is about here finally! 

6. I have to get back on track with Jillian and her 30 day shred.  Perhaps this morning I'll have time

7. Yesterday was amazing - after feeling like shit for a few days - I felt great - its hard to remember that sometimes we need to take it easy to get better.  I have a hard time with that - beating myself up mentally if I'm not going balls to the wall.

8.  Still not watching the news...I am definitely a happier person

9.  My nails match my iphone cover - I am that awesome

10.  My to do list
go to DMV ~ Return Plates from Trail Blazer
Cancel insurance
Return Clothes to target
Tune up and Oil Change for Subaru
Pay Property Taxes
Get Hair/nails Done 
Make appt for acupuncture  
Grocery Shop
Bathe Dogs
Clean house
Set up auto fund transfer for Merril Lynch account
Finalize New Health Insurance 
Mail wedding gift out that has been on my counter for 5 months - wedding was in Dec...yep I'm that person
Buy new dog beds

10a - that feels it out

10b - what I ate yesterday
lemon water with fresh ginger
green juice
quinoa with raisins and agave
green juice
1 bite of a dosa = stuck = threw it out
15 hershey kisses
fistfull of mini cookies
2 eggs, 1/4 cup cheese 

10c.  Today Goals
lemon water with fresh ginger
green juice
kitcheree/lobster salad - I'm holding an open house and serving lobster salad
green juice
fish for dinner
No way I'm getting through that list until next week but I suppose I can make appointments       


  1. I love how you ran into a Hershey kiss and cookies. I ran into a thin mint girl scout cookie yesterday that was in the freezer! Bad choices that taste so good...why must I be addicted?

  2. wow that is a long to do list, all my to do things will have to wait some more. Sugar is evil in my mind but I still love it so much, I am also having some trouble trying to stay away from it.

  3. You are a badass and inspire me EVERY FREAKING DAY!


    Keep it up Warrior!

  4. Love your blog, your an inspriation!

  5. The news makes me crazy! I don't watch it either. I really believe that I'm happier because of it!

  6. I have not watched the news and still have not seen the explosions. It's better for me that way. I've listened and know what's going on, but I can't handle the visual.