Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is it Tuesday?

Just checking in ~ I'm not sure whats going on.  I've been exhausted since I got back.  Sleeping 12 hours a night and have no energy.   
My friend who I traveled with has been home with the full on flu - so maybe my body is fighting it off?  Not sure... but I feel glum and un motivated too.

Maybe I shouldn't be eating chocolate doughnuts for breakfast!  - WTH.   I have to get back on track and back to my sugar free lifestyle of bliss.

Work is bumming me out too.  I need to renegotiate my situation and I hate confrontation.  I'm such a girl that way.  I always feel like people should give you what you are worth without having to fight for it.  But I guess that is not the case.  I bought the book "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg - the CEO of Facebook - I think that will motivate me to ask for what I'm worth.

I just want to go back to bed and sleep all dayI've not been commenting that much and I'm trying to catch up on what I missed in blogland this past week.


  1. Good luck pulling out of your funk!

  2. We miss you! Feel better!


  3. Maybe you are just recovering from the trip? Honestly it took me almost a week and a half to fully recover because when I got back I had to get back into the swing of life and didn't really have time to rest like I should've. Waking up that first week for work was ROUGH!

  4. awww, hopefully spring will be here soon and you'll be feeling better!

  5. Hope you start feeling better! Sometimes vacations and long weekends take a while to recover from. You will get there!

  6. Thanks for your comment today, love - you made me smile. I appreciate your thinking of me, so so much. I'm sorry you're feeling under the weather. I find that coming back from vacations kind of sucks it out of me, no matter how much fun I had! Just sleep it off - that's the best way to deal with it. Sending you love.