Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WTF Wednesday ~ Work out Wednesday

 I think Leigh posted this the other day... I love it. :)

Yesterday - I crushed it.

Dreadmill and Jillian in the morning - I'm sore today :)

Sugar - Yesterday was great - I did end the day with some frozen yogurt but I'm not hating on that. The way I get off sugar is to allow myself to eat anything all day as long as it is not sugary - so I'll have a fatty creamy soup, something with cheese, or avocado.  I focus only on not having the sugar.  This seems to workAnytime I have the "diet" mentality I will fail terribly.  So its more of a feeling of allowing food in and enjoying the hell out of rich food while forgoing sugar.
Work meeting - went perfect - in the zone... all lights are green.

Sheryl Sandberg's book - lean in - its amazing to read about how many powerful women have the same inner dialogue that I do.  Its actually a relief.

Today's plan - Dreadmill/Jillian this morning 
Walk dogs on beach
Mountain Bike after work

Food Plan for the day
tuna fish


  1. Nothing wrong with fatty food - that's what I eat all day erry day, instead of sugar and other carbs! :)

  2. Sugar and carbs are the enemies. You've got this!

    Love the saying about bull shit stories. That is so me!

  3. Rock on Miss Warrior. Rock on. /nod Love that phrase and your idea about eating higher fat/calorie foods to avoid the sugar is a great way to cope. I will need to incorporate that mentality. /heart you

  4. I love that quote!!! Awesome job staying away from the sugar. Fatty food won't hurt you, that's why Atkins works! Great plan! Remember, failure to plan is planning to fail! I'm just full of helpful sayings:)

  5. you got this- you are afterall a Warior!

  6. I switched it up a bit and called it WTH instead of WTF Weigh in Wednesday. Either way, same kind of Wednesday. Ugh! Awesome job staying away from sugar. Sugar is my crutch :-/... I get way too much of it just from things like yogurt and jams (that I eat with my cottage cheese).