Thursday, May 16, 2013


1.  Its effing warm out

2. Today is the greatest day ever - hiring a cleaning person - cheaper than a marriage therapist - and I've finally accepted that I work 7 days a week and if I happen to get a day off I will not spend it cleaning!

3.  Sooo sore this morning - going for an easy mtb spin

4.  Sunshine makes me a happy girl!

5.  I  was given an insanely fancy/expensive coffee machine for Christmas - I have a hate hate relationship with it - the coffee tastes like ass and I have too much guilt to toss it in the closet and buy one of those neat and tidy kurig machines...head case?  Yup

6. - 167 after easy spin in the woods

7.  My Target heart rate is 105-155...I'm always up at 165-185 when I was very hard to keep in the zone this morning - I felt like I was slacking and not doing much.  Apparently to burn fat you have to work in a different zone..not confusing

8.  Work is nutty...I have a closing on Friday of Memorial Day weekend - its going to be a cluster fuck between all the traffic and drama...

9. Tomorrow I have core training - I'm sure I'll vomit

10.  Food has been good...yesterday I had half of a Starbucks cookie and skinny mocha -and didn't end up binging - go me.

new bike socks!

Dogwoods blooming on the trail


  1. 1. I need those socks.
    2. Cleaning person is best idea EVER!
    3. Dogwoods trail is beautiful!
    4. You are kicking ass.
    4a. Puking means you are doing it right!
    5. 1/2 cookie and no binge? Are we going to turn in to chicks of "moderation?" bahahah! You are a badass!
    Keep at it!

  2. Puking = hardcore!!!!! You are badass! Sexy socks:)

  3. That trail looks so inviting! Awesome socks!

  4. I want to bike that trail and I don't even mountain bike! Great socks, I love pink. Nice work on Sbux, I'd have eaten the whole cookie!

  5. I know the whole heart rate thing is nuts to me...I always thought the harder I worked out the more I burned..but I guess there is that magic zone..WTH?

  6. Those dogwoods are gorgeous and those socks rock! Lose the coffee machine guilt. No guilt is worth ass coffee. Keep on keeping're right on track!

  7. What a pretty trail ! We used to have Keurig's but they break over time... we went back to a regular ground coffee drip machine. Pretty old school-- but works and you can make any coffee at any darkness level you want, wish fresh beans, Yum.

  8. I miss you. You are a badass warrior and I love you even though I suck as a blog friend and haven't been around in weeks. /love

  9. I'm doing the Dirty Girl and I need some funky socks! Where did you get yours?