Saturday, May 11, 2013

Is it Saturday Already?


So far this week has been the one where I turn it around - yes, last week  saw 172.4 on the scale...thats a kick in the ass.

Yesterday I was heading back to normal - 168.4 phew!  I've been making riding my bike a priority lately.  Thursday ended with an epic fail in the rain - tire shredded and for some reason I had the wrong size tube with me - so had to walk out of the woods and be rescued by Mo with the car.  Its part of the deal...

Last night - I fixed my single speed and went out for a hard ride with friends - four left and three came back...we had a man down with a crash and banged up knee..hoping today he is feeling better.
I forgot how much I love my single speed - better work out and more fun!

On the food front - its been good - no binges...which makes me happy and no sugar which makes me cranky...
Tonight I have family mother's day dinner...oy, god give me the strength....I'll just leave it there.

 Tire Fail!

A friend gave me this shirt - it has the ladies on bikes in bikinis and it says - put some fun between your it!

70 degree day yesterday - the ocean

my bike shop - trying to fix both bikes... got one working

S'mai after her bath giving me the stink eye

Ed - drying in the sun.



  1. You are doing awesome! Doesn't it feel good to be in control? Don't lose that tonight! It's not worth it.

  2. Ha- Sydney got a bath today too and I have been getting the stink eye. She acts like whenever I walk near her that I am going to put her back in the tub. Silly dog.

  3. Great tee shirt! And well done for no binge or sugar - day at a time xxx

  4. When I see that pic of you in the woods all I can think of is TICKS! I had one on me the other day and now I'm paranoid.
    So glad things are looking up for you.

  5. Good Job! Congrats with getting back on track! Keep it up!