Thursday, May 9, 2013


1. - Got my ass out of bed  @ 5:30 to go mountain biking at 7

2. - I just have to put my head down at this point in my life and work work work - I've accepted that

3. - That doesn't mean I get to blow off health - just have to work smarter at it.

4. - Its seems like the universe has been stepping in daily when I want something sweet and making me too busy to stop what I'm doing to go buy a snack..thank god!

5. - Had a few minutes yesterday so I went for a mani- pedi.  Toes - Bright Blue - Nails - Tiffany blue...

6. - I weighed in the other day - 172. holy shit - not a good holy shit.

7. - My friend says there is an inverse relationship between making money and gaining weight...I hope he is right

8. - Gov. Chris Christie got the lap band - I'm psyched for him! 

9. - Taylor Swift's video - I'm feeling 22 - makes me want to punch things....or go drinking...nah...punch things....every morning its on VH1 - almost makes me want to go back to watching the news...

10. - Have a kick ass day.


  1. Love the nails and toes! Stepping on the scale a good reality check no? Just keep going forward from here! Bathing suit weather is in our grasp!!!!!

  2. cute polish and great job getting the workout in!

  3. Oh man- Taylor Swift, she is almost worse than the news. Ugh.
    Tiffany blue nails KICK ASS!

  4. Smile- loving your toes and fingers- great colors!

  5. I super HATE that song. LOVE your nails. Yay for mountaing biking. And have a great day also!