Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weigh in

Start ~ 241
Last Week 159.6
This Week 159.8
Gain +.2
Total Loss 81.2

Ok ~ this is not bad ~ I slipped into my old ways over the weekend and tried to cheer myself up with cookies, chocolate, sugar and eat my way through boredom and just feel sorry for myself.  
NO MAS!  ~ I am thankful for a minor gain and not waking up at 241!
I feel like writing on a chalk board 9000 times ~ a la Bart Simpson ~ I will not use sugar to soothe myself
~ I will not use sugar to party ~ I will stop thinking happiness is a cookie.  Ok ~ enough.
This is what my week looked like 
Wednesday ~ MTB ~ 12 Miles and a friend's Birthday dinner ~ with cupcakes/wine
Thursday ~ 5 mile trail run ~ and Dinner @  friends house ~ wine/cupcakes/brownies
Friday ~ NYC ~ taco bell extravaganza and wine and Ferrero Roche situation
Saturday ~ Sloth like day~ situation with cookies/chocolate and ate like crap!
Sunday ~ MTB and Trail work ~ dinner at Sister in law's ~ chips dips and fudge
Monday ~ Mac n cheese for starters....cant even discuss the rest of it.

Tuesday ~ today ~ ran 5 miles in best time so far and felt great! Riding horses this afternoon.

 I can turn this around.  I know why I'm so out of control and it has to do with money ~ or the lack of it.  I am feeling poor as hell and sad about it.  But on my long run today I got to thinking ~ as one does ~ and realized I am already having the best Christmas! So what if I don't have a tree or gifts to give people.  I have my health ~ I'm able to go out and run through the woods and feel alive.  I have the greatest husband and the best group of friends anyone could ask for.  I need to remain in this moment and not allow the commercialism of this holiday bring me down.  I'm just happy to be here!

Moving Forward  ~ the plan for the week

Today ~ KISS ~ keep it simple stupid!  Shake, greek yogurt, soup, shake
Wednesday ~ Mountain Bike 
Thursday ~ Run/Bike/Weights ~ Have a B-day Dessert to go to ~ will have to plan to eat some cake
Friday ~ Boot Camp
Saturday ~ MTB ~Christmas Eve ~ going to our friends house ~ big Italian dinner ~ going to focus on protein ~ making ice box cake for this ~ mmmmm
Sunday ~ Christmas morning ~ Mo and I will go for a long MTB then have brunch and dinner with family
Monday ~ Run/Detox
Tuesday ~MTB ~ and another party

Wish me luck!


  1. Being poor at Christmas sucks!

    It sounds like that .2 was just the wake up call you needed!

  2. I too have been making super poor choices, snacking on crap all day instead of eating a real meal!
    Ugh. I can't even blame in on Christmas because we aren't really doing a lot of holiday stuff.
    Reading your post I'm sure, will help get me back on track!

  3. augh! I hate it. I think we should be able to have the holidays without the food....

  4. I love how you list your activity, I must get into doing that-Is your back better-I too have done mine-Few more days before I can get back on the bike, but I will be back!!!

  5. That's a fantastic mindset to have! I've let the holiday blues get me down a bit this week myself, and it's no bueno. We're in this together - we'll get through it! :)