Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weigh in and update and nsv

Start ~ 241
Last Week ~ 161.2
This Week  ~ 159.6 BOOYAH!
Loss 1.6!

A recap of this week:
After two days in NYC and not working out I got my ass in gear.  
Thursday went for a 5mile run
Friday ~ Bootcamp
Saturday ~ Mountain Bike 14 miles ~ SS
Sunday ~ Mountain Bike ~ 17 miles ~ ss
Monday ~ Rode a horse and jumped two courses
Tuesday ~ Ran 6 mile loop on the  trails ~ 4 minutes faster! 1:06

Food has been good 70/30 percent of the time.  I have been focusing on protein and water and that seems to be doing the trick with the hunger.  

Yesterday was great~ I rode my favorite horse - Jay Z .  I haven't jumped a course in years and yesterday I ended up doing it twice.  It is so much easier to ride and control my body without all the excess weight.  And I'm sure the horses appreciate it too! 

Its not even 9:30 in the morning and today already kicks ass ~ My run was beautiful this morning ~ Started out @ 30 degrees and the trails were coated in frost ~ it was the most beautiful peaceful and sparkly winter wonderland.  There is nothing like the peace and sanity I find in the woods.  I kept the 159.6 from Sunday....boooyah~ hoping to make 155 by January 1st...slow n steady now...
Oh and for the NSV I sit..wearing JCrew size 8 corduroys...holy shiz!
All of the Jcrew hand-me-downs that I have are numbered 31s, 30s, and 29s...I googled the conversion and wouldn't you know I'm in an from a size 22 Lane Bryant to size 8 JCrew... what tha what!  I want for nothing this Christmas... well maybe a garmin 305...

So looking ahead ~ I have lots of dinners, parties, and adventures over the next week.  My plan is to max out the exercise ~ do shakes, yogurt and soups when I am not at an event/or dinner party and keep it simple...low cal high protein and try to drink more water than alcohol...:)
Happy Tuesday!


  1. SIZE 8!! Amazing!! Keep on rockin!

  2. I like your plan for the parties/events. You can do it!

    PS: awesome Pants NSV!!!

  3. You can do it! And size 8... how glorious. :)