Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend re-cap

Friday night ...oh yes it's ladies night! Oh what a night. Ha! 
I went to NY with my best friend from high school and her wife. Holy laugh fest! I think it counted as an ab workout because we cracked up the whole time! Went to the Bowery Ballroom to see some great music..including Booga of the best bands ever! I learned that taco bell and I still have a relationship but there is no way I can eat my weight in burritos any more. That was a good thing.

Saturday I skipped working out ..two days in a row! What was I thinking! Feeling sorry for myself that there is no christmas at our house this year, I went grocery shopping I decided I would find the Xmas spirit in a bag of homemade cookies. Urgh! What the frig! 

Sunday Mo and I did trail maintanence and chopped down some big trees blocking the trails. It would have rocked except I pulled my back out trying to lift a huge tree...who do I think I am...the hulk? So rather than taking another day off ..I went out MTB and really aggravated my back. Yes, that is a short bus parked outside my house. So this morning, when I saw 19 degrees and my lower back is on fire....I canceled my morning trail run. Urgh! 

It seems that when I have milestone on the scale there is always a bounce back up because I go on and have a party with food to celebrate my victory. How sick is that! I saw 158 on the scale thursday morning...I'm pretty sure that it won't be there tomorrow for weigh in. 
Enough of the rambles. 
Today the party ends and I'll just have to walk on the dreadmill and baby my back.
 In other exciting news...I got new handlebars for my single speed and the say "SPANK" in big letters on the front. This makes me smile.  Also, I've been blissed out watching you tube videos this weekend ~ bandedwendy and some of the other girls are doing twelve days of videos for Christmas. Newtoy4kt celebrated her two year bandiversary with a great video and a photo montage. Super inspiring to see. 
 Happy Monday!


  1. Uh-oh. Nothing worse than an injury to throw off your schedule for a few days - especially a back injury. Those might be the worst kind. Hope your back gets to feeling better soon!

  2. Take care of your back!! Those are the worse.

  3. You are so funny! Hope you're back is doing better!