Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas is OVA!

Its done.  Sinara! See ya next year!  All in all it wasn't that bad.  We had a killer Christmas Eve at my friends house and I traded in the red wine for vodka and (lite) cranberry juice.  Not too shabby.  I ate so much that I thought I might explode but alas I did not and managed to wake up on Christmas in one piece.  Santa (my inlaws) brought a Garmin 305! Woo hoo!  I tried it out this morning on my 5k loop ~ super cool!  

We went to my parents for dinner and it was pretty tame except for my Grandmother's girlfriend flipping my dad over in a rocking chair and the both of them ending up in a pile on the floor.  ~  Pretty funny.  Oh, and then there is the Holiday Axe ~ my parents are yard sale/antique junkies and picked up this little ditty for 5 bucks~ it is now dubbed the "Holiday Axe" as it was decorated in holly over the hearth ~ who does that?  

On the food front ~ I am repenting for my sins ~ my stomach is sore today and I'm on liquids/soft foods to make it right ~ I weighed in +3#! Holy shit!  So we'll see what the official  # is tomorrow but I'm not surprised, it wasn't pretty.  Today I ran and am heading out soon for  MTB with Mo ~ nice an easy to enjoy the afternoon.  Tonight ~ more soup and NO LIQUOR.

Yep ~ its the "Holiday Axe"!


  1. Thank goodness it's over!

    Christmas at your family gatherings sounds epic. :)

  2. What a day!! I really need to go away next year...I am too scared to go near the scales,going camping for a week at the beach from tomorrow(with my bike) so hopefully better when I get back!!:)

  3. So glad the big ones are over. What an adorable picture too dear!!

  4. Congrats on the Garmin 305! It definitely encourages me to go farther and faster.