Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday Mass, NSV and photos

Yesterday we had a huge turnout for the morning ride  Sunday Mass.  About 30 people showed up from as far away as 2 hours ~ wow!  Driving 2 hours to ride the trails I use every day?  It gave me a new appreciation for our beautiful trails.  We did 17 miles out to the bluffs and back.  That was a long ass ball kicking ride on the single speed but damn it was worth it!  
After the ride we had cookies ~ they were awesome!  It was the first time that I ate cookies in public and went back for seconds without feeling the gaze at my back ~ you know the one where people look at you like "should she really be eating that? No wonder she is huge" Yep! NSV ~ not feeling self conscious eating in public.  
Then there was a SV ~ I know its not my weigh in day but damn if I didn't see 159.6 on the scale ~ just had to share b/c then I proceeded to eat two slices of pizza and various other things that I cant bring myself to write here (malomars, cheese and wine) WTF.  So we'll see if this glorious # sticks around for tuesday's weigh in.   
yes ~ those are whoopie pies filled with peanut butter

Me, the Single Speed and the Subaru ~ all is right w/the world

Huge turnout!

No shame in eating these cookies!


  1. you look amazing!! Riding the trails on a single speed? You probably created a huge calorie deficit!!

  2. whoopee pies are evil!!! Those look so freaking delicious. They have been the bane of my existence recently. So impressed with riding the single speed! Go you!