Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New York City...

How lame is it that we live so close yet can never pull it together to go there.
So Tuesday Mo dragged me in.  I am in the middle of trying to get a deal together at work and am super stressed but I'm glad he got me to go.  We stayed at my cousin's place in the West Village ~ and stay far far away from Midtown!  
I love the village, love the cobblestone streets, the old buildings, the trendy hipsters, the cool shops and food I can't find out where I live. 
I have a fantasy that we own a brownstone on Perry Street and have enough money to shop in the trendy shops ~ now that I am able to fit into the trendy clothes. A girl can dream....
We went to the Standard  Hotel and had a drink in the bar on the 18th floor ~ the views were sick ~ Out over the Hudson and then a big view of the Empire State Building. The bar is very 1950s and it was great to people watch and listen to live jazz.

***disclaimer ~ I forgot my camera and it was pissing rain ~ so these are not my photos ****
The bar at the Standard Hotel
We walked the Highline up to Chelsea to my favorite vegan restaurant, Blossom!  The Highline is an abandoned elevated train track that runs through the meat packing district ~ now an urban park. Don't miss it if you go downtown ~its pretty cool.

After dinner we walked back down to the village. I am the gifted one in the family when it comes to understanding where we are and reading maps ~ so Mo often follows blindly as I weave through the streets and wander about.  I love taking a different way each time we go somewhere ~ this totally screws him up and its funny when we arrive at our destination to see the look of surprise on his face.  :)

We met a friend for breakfast over by Washington Square Park and then had plans to go up town to an open house on Park that he was holding...but I ended up having to race back out East to get my deal back on track  ~ the reality of real estate is nothing like House Hunters on HGTV ~ so there went our 24 hour escape...but before leaving we had to go to BABYCAKES!
I'm not sure what happeneds but as soon as I hear vegan, gluten free, and made with agave...I think it means made without calories....uh oh...So after a creme filled cookie and two cupcake tops and a variety of other cookies I am committed to liquids today.  
If you ever get to NY and get downtown on the east side ~ Babycakes is a must go ~ I have the cookbook but its def not the same.

Now I am back home ~ my deal seems to be back on track ~ and work is busy.  All good things.
I missed working out two days in a row and feel like a bloated tick.  Strange how two days missed can make you feel like you took a month off.  I ate like I had no band~ I was definitely pushing the limit and have to get a grip. Today I got up early to read some blogs, post and work out before my day goes crazy.  Thanks Cat for the motivation!
I'm going to have to crack down these next few weeks and only read/blog first thing in the morning and not daydream and read blogs throughout the day when I should be working....
Plan for today ~
Run 3 miles in the woods ~


  1. Looks great-I am definitely visiting NYC in the next few years, Isn't it amazing how awful you feel when you haven't exercised for a couple of days?!:)

  2. Your trip looks like so much fun! I'll have to get to other areas of the city next time I go as we were definately midtown when Robyn and I went.

    Good luck on your run!! Love it!

  3. How fun! I've been to every major city in the US except for NYC! I'm going there in March and I'm so excited! I'll have to get some tips from you before I go. :)