Friday, December 16, 2011

Lust on a Friday Morning...

Ever want something so bad that it see it brings tears to your think of it puts a smile on your face and you start to get all flushed and once you taste it there is no going back...
I'm talking to you Nutella.  I see you mocking me from the shelves in the store.  I fantasize about you, me and a big spoon.  I know the slippery road, but damn you are a fine jar of smooth chocolate nutty heaven.
I just want to be alone with you ~ where no one can judge us ~ not even me.  I wish I were strong and could be around you without having to devour you in one afternoon...but I can't.  I must remain the stable adult that I have become.  I am someone new now.  I have will power, and taking you home with me will only lead to regret and guilt that I will not stand for.  
So I settle on a compromise ~ just a smaller less dangerous version of you.  All wrapped up in a pretty innocent package. I think ~ hell ~ there are only three in the package how much damage could it do.  
 Yes, I'm talking about your suave sexy cousin with the fancy clothes ~ Ferrero Rocher.  All dressed in his shiny suit with layers of hazel-nutty goodness.  Damn!  Its too much.  I just wanted a nibble, a taste and now here I sit..he is gone leaving only a sassy wrapper for a memory.  I tried to deny him but I am a weak woman.  Ah well tomorrow is another day.  I will not feel guilty.  At least he is classier than my last love ~ Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. 
Cheers!  Happy Friday! 


  1. No use feeling guilty, either! Better than having the whole jar of Nutella. I keep walking by it in the grocery aisle... and I pick it up. But then I read the nutritional facts on the back and it makes me put it back down. :(

    I can't have it in the house either - it's evil.

  2. Lol! How can any normal woman resist the charms of old Ferrero. He's a sly one!

  3. I seriously think you are amazing! I struggle with the less classy cousin "reese's." Darn things