Friday, December 9, 2011

Hi There!

Yes, I have been MIA for a few days.  No reason in particular ~ life is not that exciting .  I have been doing the usual biking, running and boot camping.  I have been reading all your blogs just trying to keep it to an hour a day.   Food has been good.  I've been doing shakes and Greek Yogurt during the day and having regular dinners.  And staying off the wine.  Kicking  up the protein a notch ~ a la Bandedwendy  seems to be helping my cravings a lot.  

Did I mention how much I love my Single Speed Mountain Bike?  I do!  Today we have a big ride with a group of gals from out of town, it should be a blast ~ except its flippin balls cold out ~ like 30 degrees...eeek.   Should be ok once we get going.

I wouldn't say I'm depressed, just numb.  The holidays this year have no spark. I'm not decorating or doing gifts ~ no cash to blow.  Its a bummer.  The light at the end of the tunnel is,  I have deals that should be paying out in February.  A few months late for x-mas so maybe we'll celebrate valentines day in a big way.

Oh and I have a big night out in NYC coming up this Friday!  My cousin's band (wormburner)  is playing the Bowery Ballroom Christmas  Show with a few other bands that I love.  Booga Sugar actually played our wedding ~ they rock some hard core 70s tunes ~ so I'll be dancing like a Solid Gold Dancer ~ HA!  My best friend from high school and her wife are coming with me ~ its going to be a silly laugh fest and I can't wait!  Two trips to the big city in one month ~ dang!

Happy Sunday Everyone!  Stay warm and enjoy. 

Yes - I used to watch the solid gold dancers when I was a kid ~ no wonder I have body image issues!

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