Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend and Weigh in!

This weekend was like a "coming out" party for me ~ not that kind ~ more like a debutante coming out :)  I went to a horse show to help my friend with her customers and I hadn't seen many of them since pre-op. Who thought it would be possible to get tired of hearing "you look great!"  "how much have you lost"  "how did u do it?" ?
I went the route of telling people that I exercise like a maniac, I eat really well and that I had surgery.  
It really does take some getting used to - becoming visible again.  
Had a great weekend with family who I never see. I spent so many years making excuses not to go to these family parties but this year I got really into it. I think living in the moment has helped. I even managed to make it through the family bbq without over eating (mainly b/c NO vegan options - who puts bacon in potato salad???)  Unfortunately had to eat dessert - blueberry crumble to soak up the margarita I drank so I could drive home. It was really great to spend time with my cousins and have real conversations with them ~ we are usually just together for quick visits.

Sunday I went to the Surf Club with my cousins and their kids ~ I am not a fan of children (there, I'm outted) but these kids were fun and I had a blast hanging out with them ~ it reminded me of when I was a kid.  Then I plunked down on the ocean for the rest of the afternoon and chillaxed after kid time.
I love my band ~ lunch at the beach would usually be a free for all for me but thanks to the band ~ I had a half cup of salad and half portion of french fries ~ woo hoo!  

I would be weighing in this morning ~ but just sprained my m*ther effin ankle AGAIN walking the dogs!  So I'll not be running today or getting on the scale.. I swear I'm gonna be on the Short Bus soon...

So I'm just going to count the Sunday morning weigh in.  I went for a run pre-beach and saw 174.4 on the scale after - holy sh*t that's 4.6lbs down! 

Since my last fill I have noticed that whenever I eat I have pain in my stomach for about an hour after ~ not sure what thats all about - i should probably eat less and chew more...duh!


  1. Chewing is hard to remember, especially when something is GOOD.
    Glad you had a nice weekend.

  2. *cough* I don't like kids either. *cough*