Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top Ten Things I love about This Journey

My Brain is fried from this week  ~ so little list to ease the pain...

Here are my top 10 for this week ~

10. Taking up less space in the world
9. Feeling full
8. Being fast
7. Wanting and loving exercise
6. Doing things outside my comfort zone
5. Shopping for clothes at American Eagle ~ see new dress below
4. Having more energy
3. Not having to eye up a plastic chair at a restaurant and pray that it holds
2. Finding others like me ~ realizing I am not alone
1. Becoming visible to the world

Yes - this is Sammy my diva dog stealing the shot!

That about sums it up this morning ~ what do you love about this Journey?


  1. Looking terrific- and I love your first name!!!

  2. Absolutely love that dress!! And ooooh, more pics of Sammy and whomever the brown puppy is!! I'm a dog freak.

  3. I love being confident about sitting in plastic chairs, too! :)

  4. Vanessa- you look great.
    You are not alone- isn't that great????

  5. Yay! Great list...I want one too!

  6. Vanessa, GREAT dress and you wear it beautifully!! Love the sandals too. You're looking terrific!

  7. Love this! The dress looks great!