Thursday, August 4, 2011

Response to Lap Band Girl Post

So Lap Band Girl had a great post yesterday:  Here are my answers:

What were your feelings when you first researched getting the band? Embarrassed? Excited? Scared? Happy? Etc?

I was a bit embarrassed and ashamed that I after many many attempts at loosing wight I always failed .  But once I made peace with the idea knowing that it was a tool, I began to seek out people who had the band.  After talking to people I felt much better about it and even got really excited.

Do you tell people about your band? If you do, how do you tell people? 
I was telling everyone and anyone about it.  I still do.  I usually just blurt it out after I tell them the amount of exercise I do.  It makes me really mad that people assume that it is all the band.

Do you only tell certain people?  
Most people in my life know I had the surgery.  I tell just about everyone who asks.

Any other advice for Cookie?
Make sure you have a surgeon that you like.  And yes, it was the best decision I have ever made.  No ~ it is not  magic bean ~ just a tool, but a very good one.  Exercise is the most important part of the journey! 


  1. Amen! :) Love these answers.

  2. I agree it's absolutely a wonderful tool, but its not the final answer and it's certainly not the easy way out.