Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I've been super busy working for my friend's stable at the Hampton Classic Horse Show this week and gimping along on my bad ankle ~ haven't had much time for anything ~ including eating so that would be a bonus!  ~ although I do have a new hobby ~ sunset cocktailing ~ see below...
Hampton Classic Grad Prix 

Yep ~ this is where the real "show is at" in the VIP tent...

Play on Playa!

Patricio ~ my love

Yes that's the obnoxious polo field in the background where you can spot a house wife or two from Bravo~ blech! 

King Pin

not me ~ but one of the horses getting schooled

Sunset Cocktailing at the beach ~ I am the champion at this

Gimpy ankle ~ lucky me one of my friends is a Physical Terrorist Therapist

me n mo 

This guy creeps me out for some reason ... I see him at the beach in the evening and he has that serial killer vibe...


  1. I love these pictures! That VIP lady has a very plastic vib!

    Also the picture of you in the sunglasses is fantastic!

  2. Stay away from serial killer fisher. Other than that, it looks like a great weekend, even though your ankle still isn't 100%.

  3. Wow, great pictures.
    You look great.
    And we will keep the serial killer vibe pic just in case you disappear from blog world and we need to contact the police.

  4. You look SO great in all your pic, I especially love the one of you n Mo. :)

    I love the VIP ladies hat. Am I crazy? :)

  5. Love the pictures. Sunset fun! I'm super jealous you're so close to the beach!

  6. Love the sunnies, V.
    I will definitely share pix of the new fashions after 'le shopping!'

  7. Love the pics! You look so cute!

  8. Hey V: come check out the results of le shopping. Photo essay on my blog!