Saturday, August 13, 2011


Beach party last night  ~ chopped my hair off....

I'm going to take a page from dinnerland and write it down today ~  I have been focusing on everything
BUT the food ~ because, well, everything else is AWESOME ~ the food is not.  I have been binging on chips and all kinds of CRAP!  So here it is ~ my Plan for today...

100oz WATER
PROTEIN SHAKE ~ breakfast
Veggie Tali over rice for lunch ~
veggie dog mid day snack  ~ 14 g protein 140 calories 
roast tofu and corn salad for dinner ~ 

That's the basic outline ....


  1. Teehee - did you know Dinnerland's real name is Vanessa too? It's kind of a secret but I think she'll be okay with me telling you that.

  2. Sounds like a good plan! Your hair looks cute!

  3. Great plan. Absolutely love the short/curly hair style. So cute!!

  4. I LOVE your hair cut. You are SO CUTE. Now I have something else to envy about you.