Friday, August 12, 2011

Torture device and NSV

I had boot camp last night ... so much fun to see everyone ~ I was chatting with a friend when I saw the POWER WHEELS!  EEEK ~ I began to tremble with anticipated pain...

These devices are evil!!! You strap your feet in and then assume the push up position ~ do a pushup to a pike and a repeat.  You can also hold plank, or lie on your back lift your hips up and roll your feet to your butt, or do the frog saw where you wheel your knees to your elbows and then push your feet straight back.  Not one of these are easy and all equal pain  a toned core....

The best part of the evening was going for a swim after ~ I have been accused of becoming a tri -geek but really I'm just looking to switch things up.  Open water swimming is great ~ I'm really good at floating and am now working on doing the crawl and breathing...I may not be  Dana Torres but a girl can try. 

A big NSV yesterday ~ walking from the car to the water sans towel around my booty ~ I never would have done that last year!  I now am thinking like an athlete not a sunbathing beauty.   

Today - I'm off for a quick run before the soreness really sets in from last night.  

Happy Friday!!


  1. That damn thing looks horrible. I would have run in the opposite direction!! You are truly a warrior princess.

    Great NSV by the way. You are doing awesome with your band.

    Now I need you to post some more recipes please. I can't wait to try them.

  2. Oooh that looks scary..I mean torturous...I mean like a FANTASTIC workout. I'm scared to try it yet, but I'll get there Vanessa. I mean it!

  3. I wish I could try that power wheel, my core is not very strong at all!

    Good on you for getting so much exercise, I love to swim. Let people call you a tri-geek, you're just gettin' your swim on. It's very relaxing!

    Oh, and GREAT NSV! I'm still self-conscious even around friends (for the most part! lol).