Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer People

Life has gotten really crazy.  I live in a resort community and August is a nightmare here.  It seems that everyone is in a bad mood.  Locals are burnt out from the influx of entitled  NYC Range Rover driving lunatics! And the August renters are totally out of control. 

I am really busy with work, busy with my second job at the horse farm and really really busy trying to train for the VT50  I have to get in a certain # of long rides before Sept 25th.  Finding 5 hours in a day to MTB is proving really hard. sigh.... The good news is that I have made plans to go up to VT to train with some friends in the next week or so - because there are NO mountains on Long Island! So Yay for that!

With all the chaos that surrounds me, I was able to take 5 at the beach the other night as a storm was rolling in...My Husband took this photo with my Crackberry - so quality is not great but you get the idea..I'm doing my sideways Paris Hilton pose...
oh and NSV ~ Shopped at American Eagle and bought size 14 there...Woo Hoo!


  1. Just beautiful picture! Congrats on the AE size 14!!! That's fantastic.

  2. Great picture, you look absolutely fantastic. And congrats on the 14's - jealous! :)

  3. Yu look amazing!!! And that beach looks like heaven!!

  4. Vanessa, you are one hot momma!

  5. What a beautiful picture of you! You look fantastic!!

  6. pretty! Size 14! Finding 5 hours SURE WOULD BE HARD!!! Good luck with that! lol!