Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricanes Make Me Hungry appears as if we are having a little storm this weekend.  I know I should be shopping and "stocking" up for the big storm, but I just can't get it together.   Every time in the past when I have stocked up on food ~ I used the storm as an excuse to eat my way though the supplies..I wouldn't want anything to go to waste...and what else am I supposed to do with not internet, electricity and Facebook!!!

So yes, a hurricane is on its way but I am more afraid of Hurricane Vanessa and the food.
To make matters worse I haven't worked out in 4 days ~ ankle sprain ~ and am feeling sloth like...
Yesterday it took very little convincing to get me to blow off the day and spend it at the beach ~ I mean it could have been my last day on earth as my friend pointed out...and boy was it a beautiful day ~ I spent it floating in the ocean and staring at white fluffy clouds ~ not a care in the world.
I'm paying for it today with a sunburn and huge to do list for work and Storm Prep!

I think today I will compromise and go to liquor store and stock up on Skinny Girl Margarita and Wine.  This should cover all the basics ~ activities drinking games in the dark and nourishment.

Come on Irene!


  1. I am definitely the wrong person to deter you from getting the important things to stock up on... like tequila. Bunker down! or wait... is it hunker down?? meh, who cares... pass the tequila!

  2. I love that you spent the day at the beach. What a glorious thing. Miss Robyn spent the day yesterday at her pool. I hates both you biotches. *hearts for you V* :)

  3. Yesterday was the PERFECT day to play hooky!
    I hope your ankle is better soon.

  4. I have been slacking on the hurricane prep too. I sure wish I was floating in the ocean with you!