Monday, September 5, 2011


Was it the new smell or the hearts and rainbows that I loved more?....ah its a new year!

Yep ~ its a new school year!  I always have felt that the fall  is a new beginning ~ it must be the smell of fresh school supplies and new clothes.  I am motivated and ready to go shopping for some new kicks for running and some new duds for wearing ~ I mean Le Shopping.  (why does typing "le shopping" make me want "le crorssant"?)  January be damned! This is the new year that counts! 
Its odd that I still feel this way as i have no kids in school and have nothing to do with education ~ but the one big change where I live is that as of Noon today all the Summer people head back to Manhattan and life gets a little bit slower and we have our town back,  yes!

All pumped up to work out today as I have been slackin' on all that due to a crazy work schedule at a horse show and poor food choices  ~ yes I paid for those sins last night with a major allergic reaction in the middle of the night ~ damn you farm fresh mozzarella cheeze ~ you are dead to me!

So this is the outline for the le week ~ just puttin it out there... 

1. weigh in today and take it for what it is ~ 175.6 up 1.4lbs
2. protein protein protein followed by veggies n fruit ~ no mas sweet potato fries 
3. H 2 the Izo ~ and lots of it!
4. Get work out plan for the next 7 seven days (I might just post this later for more accountability)
5. LE SHOPPING!  Oh dinnerland ~ how you inspire me!
  5b ~ le lingerie shopping ~ don't worry not posting photos ~ but its time to retire some granny panties!
6. Relax and enjoy the ride ~ maintenance is still a scary idea ~ its the journey that I know. 

Happy Labor Day to all! Hope you all are sleepin' in and having a great day off!


  1. LOVE the pic of the Trapper Keepker!!!! Oh, those were the days!!

  2. Oh, how I miss Trapper Keepers. Good luck with the weekly goals. :)