Sunday, September 11, 2011

Le Shopping NSV ~ Booyah!

Many of you know that I am a Mountain Bike junkie...even at 241 pounds I was whipping around in the woods and sucking wind on the hill climbs.  At 241 finding cycling clothing was a challenge.  I like to wear baggies ~ spandex is just wrong in my opinion ~ especially on this body.  I had to order online 1x or 2x and they were few and far between and expensive. I love to support my local bike shop but could never buy clothes there b/c they didn't carry any of the larger sizes.  It also doesn't help that a lot of clothing companies are European and run small (so cruel!).    
So imagine my shock and awe the other day when I was browsing my local bike shop and stumbled upon the the sale rack flush with baggie knickers and there was a size large ~ what the hell ...I tried them on ~ WTF! too big!! oh I grabbed the medium and voila they fit!  I just about fainted in the dressing room!  
Size medium and Thirty Bucks and me shopping the rack like a "normal" person!!! Holy shiz! 

On the couture front ~ My friend has a client (yes one of those ladies who lunch) who has outgrown some of her clothing.  I am the lucky recipient of her misfortune ~ one Vera Wang top and many other dresses ~ some are a bit snug right now but should fit in a month.  I will post photos soon after I get all my outfits together.  I'm hoping to build my fall wardrobe around these pieces ~ I'm on the hunt for cute boots, jacket and some black dress pants to complement my couture windfall. 

Its a beautiful day today ~ I'll be out biking in Rocky Point for 2 hours  this afternoon ~ woo hoo!
I will leave you with pictures of the best dogs ever...

Ed ~ getting his tan on...

Sammy aka S'mai giving me sad puppy look..


  1. What a great NSV! Go you! Ah mountain biking.... Something I would LOVE to try, but I would probably pass out before I made it far. You've done so well... And AWESOME couture score!

  2. I think Sam wanted to go along with you.
    Great windfall and NSV- mediums- Woo Hoo

  3. Awesome le shopping NSV!! Love it.