Wednesday, October 2, 2013

~ Here we go ~

I'm in!  Running it with my two sister in laws and Miss Lorie (you better sign up girl)...I don't know whats come over me but we all signed up!  Thanks to Terry for turning me onto this....its gonna be an adventure for sure! Stay tuned for my training posts...I'm also excited that this will be mostly off favorite type of running!

Right now I'm focused on the race this weekend - its more for fun but I want my time to be around 1:10 for 11 miles of biking.  Totally do-able.

Its going to be 85 and sunny here today...impossible not to go to the beach...we have a noon appt for work then I'll move onto beach mode...

Food is out of control again...but I'm working out like a hopefully that will off set today's weigh in..I had a nightmare that I was back at the beginning... its possible and I've got to make sure it doesn't happen.

Last night we had a post work beer and hang out at the beach with the dogs, some friends and their was perfect..

I think my dogs are the most beautiful animals on earth...I guess that's how people feel about their kids..





  1. I just want to kiss your dogs on the snout.

    Yeah, I let dogs get in my face. I know it's gross, and I don't care.

    You guys are making me want to hurry up and get to goal and run the Yellowstone half. I know someone (from my running group) who ran the Wine Country Half Marathon without any training. She said she would run til she was tired, walk a little until she wasn't tired, and repeat!

  2. they are gorgeous! pretty pups! keep up the good work. i am rooting for you!

  3. Yellowstone is on my list. I even bought a guidebook to it a couple of years ago. I haven't actually been to that many national parks except the ones I live near. A half-m sounds like a great excuse to go and see some sights.

    Very handsome dogs indeed.

  4. OMG the dogs!!! Love them. And good on ya for the marathon, I'm cheering you on!!

  5. Awesome about the half marathon! Proud over here!!!!! Beautiful pooches too:)