Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1. My Mo is in a bad mood...I hate it when he is cranky...puts me in a bad mood too...not sure why I let it effect me so much

2. Yesterday was super beautiful - I didn't work out - instead went to the beach and chilled for sunset..

3.  My scale up and died yesterday - at first it said 0.0 when I got on...the  it went to "E"  - is that E for elephant? I did put new batteries in and will weigh later...

4.  Hoping that a deal I am putting together goes through...being the bread winner is stressful ...maybe thats why I'm turning to ice cream often

5.  This Gov't shut down is rediculous.... I'm going to be super pissed if Zion is closed when we go... Makes me wish we had a fabulous monarchy with a kind and fair king who just did the right thing....

6.  My skin is so itchy...winter skin is back...not sure why or what it is but every year I get these itchey bumps through the fall...I think its summer withdrawl...

7.  Tonight is a trail run followed by biking the race course...booyah!

8.  Not much else going on here....just beating myself up for poor food choices... status quo 

9.  Off to take the dogs to the beach

10.  Someone mentioned to me that they were part of a challenge where you have to spend 30 minutes a day moving around outside.... I couldn't imagine spending less than an hour a day outside!  But apparently there are "indoor" people...who only see the great out doors walking to and from their cars... and have to schedule outdoor time...the horror!


  1. I adore you. I already texted you with my fail for the week. I knew my food was in the trash can last weekend but as you often say, "No hate and move on..." I'm setting my mind around having a wonderful day.
    Enjoy your time with S'Mai and Sweety Ed!! /hugs Heart u Warrior!

  2. 1/2 hour? BOOOO! I'm always on my own case about food too... I did make it to work with out stocking up on candy, that's something.