Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ten Things Thursday and a weigh in that is bascially a fail

1. My Ankle is getting better...slowly the swelling is going down and I'm hoping to go for a spin in the woods before we leave on Monday.

2. Leigh is my hero in many many ways:  The commitment she makes to healing her ankle is amazing!  I forced myself to sit with my foot up and rest for two days...its so hard to be still

3. Mo is now starting his art career!  So happy for him...although its an adjustment having him home all the time....

4. We booked our hotel for the Yellowstone Half ~ I would encourage everyone who is doing the race to book their hotel now (Hollee!) they are filling up fast!

5. Our government finally got its shit together!  Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon will all be open when we go on our adventure!  woohoo!

6.  Operation no scale has backfired in a horrible horrible way...Mo bought a new one and I got on it last night...I'll wait to get on it again once I can get back to exercising because the # I saw was horrific...180.4 = 35 pounds gained from my lowest.  

7.  This article is very interesting - Sugar is Crack as far as I'm concerned

8. I know that there is a place I can get to where balance can be achieved. It involves being sugar free, gluten free and cheese free.....Apparently I have the same type of addictive behavior as your garden variety crack/meth/coke addict. 

9.  I refuse to write a blog post where I say that I will start again, write a plan down and then not follow it.   I just cant do it anymore.

10.  Utah in 5 days!!!!!!  The dogs have our good friends staying here while we are gone - I just can't kennel them - they are way too spoiled..S'mai doesn't understand places with concrete floors and no couches to sleep on.
Getting better...

 Work of my favorite houses on the ocean...Marine Blvd...the house is so 80s but I would take it in heart beat if I had 7M laying around



  1. OMG, that ankle! I'm glad it's getting better but it still looks hugely swollen. Please be gentle and let it heal!

    Also *just* saw the part about oreos being as addictive as crack. Darn food giants figuring out ways to make things so freakin addictive!!! Gah!

  2. Sorry to say darling, but as pretty as you are, that ankle does not look good! Don't rush getting back to using it. It could do more damage than good. And the article on sugar/crack addiction? I agree 100%. That's why I refuse to ingest it anymore. Come on honey! You can do this! Once it's out of your system and you don't let it back in, it is much easier. The gluten and dairy too. I'm rooting for ya:)

  3. Sooo glad the parks opened in time for your trip. They are so beautiful. Safe travels to you and your family. I am 100% off processed sugar and wheat. I used to cry when I watched Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.... and I've NEVER done drugs or alcohol. But I've done candy corn, oreos and jelly beans. It's tough, you are not alone!!!

    REST your ankle. Take care and thanks to Leigh for sending me over here for a hello. Karen P.

  4. I don't know... You're still pretty swollen. Couple more days and icing for sure. Get some rest & heal up fast!


  5. Yeah, I saw that article from LB's blog. I feel ya sista with the just cannot write another "I'm sooooo gonna do it this time..." post. I'm sick of that. I'm just going to do it without being all verbal (or written I guess) about it. Love you, your poor poor ankle. I hope she's not nearly as painful as she looks. :(