Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lazy Appliances

I wonder if anyone else has this happen to them.
Our microwave takes the summers off.  This has been a three year cycle.  She started working again on Monday. Thank god because I am psyched to have my Amy's dinners again.  The damm thing always stops working in June and then like some divine miracle starts again in the fall.  
Why don't we get a new one? Because ours is built into the cabinets over the stove and I know how trying to remove it will end....with a broken cabinet and a cheap replacement on the counter.
So there's that.

Mo and I are mtb after work today....night riding with lights again - I love it!
I've been all over the youtube watching videos for UTAH ~  Gooseberry MTB - its going to be epic...I even had a dream I was on vacation last night! 
 The boys want to hike Angels landing, I'll pass on that - looks terrifying! Hiking the Narrows is going to be amazing and then I'll focus on biking.
Active vacations rock! 

This will be me in 10 days!



  1. I freaking love this, but that last pictures looks terrifying!

  2. Yeah, that wouldn't be me! Terrified of heights, and big drop offs. You are awesome!