Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A week of Bliss...

We just got back from a week in Utah - Spa food - amazing.  No Binges and each day full of mountain biking, hiking and meditation and few massages.  I could live that way.
Not having to think about food and plan for it was huge - the food was all healthy and tasty with small portions (mo needed more food) but for me it was perfect.
I came home 3.5 pounds lighter - go vacation!
Here is a run down of what we did
Day 1 ~ short bike followed by a hike
Day 2 ~ Epic hike the narrows river in Zion - Amazing 3+ hour slog through the river..(ankle did not love this) 
Day 3 ~ 3 hour mountain bike ride and then a hike
Day 4 ~ Road Bike ride and then an afternoon of hanging out
Day 5 ~ Mountain Bike Ride and Hike
Day 6 ~ Road Bike Ride and Mountain Bike in the afternoon 

My favorite thing about Utah is the complete stillness of the rock - I spent a lot of time just being still and sitting on top of a petrified dune up in a canyon and being still - one of the very hard things for me to do at home.

Inside the Narrows

My spot

The Lava Lawn


The Chad - our bike guide

Seriously - double rainbow - amazing


  1. Beautiful pictures. I'm so glad you got an opportunity to rejuvenate yourself. Yeah for weightloss on vacay. Have an amazing November dollface.

  2. Wonderful photos, and it sounds like a perfect trip. What a great result that you came back to find your weight down!

  3. My very favorite is your eye with Mo in the background snapping pics. : )
    I could absolutely feel myself with you in the "My spot" pic. I could imagine myself sitting there in the stillness and just absorbing the peace of that remarkable scenery. Adore you... /heart

  4. Beautiful beautiful beautiful photos. I do love Utah's landscape. It's one state that I love driving through because it's so pretty.

    Congrats on the loss! That is awesome!