Friday, October 11, 2013

Ten Things Thursday ~ on Friday

1. Week 1 no scale still... not sure if this a good idea or not... I've been looking in the mirror more and really trying to "see" my body...

2.  I love being strong and fast - but sometimes it would be nice to just be thin...I know, silly statement but I am JEALOUS of my skinny Best Friend..she is a beautiful tall blond and can wear anything...I can out run her, out bike her and am much healthier than her.  At times I would trade all of it just not to be a ice cream eating sugar junkie...

3.  # 2 is just a stupid statement....

4. HOLY Shit - going to Utah in 11 days...So excited!  

5.  Those fools in Washington better get their SH together...its ridiculous.  I'm hoping Zion will be open

6.  Thanks for the prayers and good vibes - grandma is just fine!

7.  Gonna go for a chilly run this morning...then a MTB ride after work

8. Yesterday some of my oldest and best girlfriends and I went to the NY Botanical Gardens in the Bronx - it was great - a beautiful place and I had so much fun spending the day with these women!

9. Trying to actually see yourself is really hard ~

10.  Mo is done with his Job in 3 days!  Then on to being a full time artist!  Its a happy and scary time.

Evening ride...

Post ride drinks - and photo bomb by my MTB boyfriend




  1. I wish for #2 sometimes too. It gets exhausting having to think about food and exercise 24/7...You're beautiful;)

  2. Don't be jealous because YOU are very beautiful :)

  3. You are freaking gorgeous and you know...You may be jealous of someone else, but betcha a dollar someone is jealous of you. I know I am! You have a beautiful place to live and seem to have kick ass friends and a lovely life with Mo and the dog and S'Mai (cause we know princess isn't really canine.../nod) And you're a freaking rockstar and have a great sense of humor...all of this is jealous worthy. /gush

    Also those pics from the botanical garden are amazing!! I love Winter and Spring. So wonderful. And photo bomb MTB bf is a cutie... *wink*