Monday, October 7, 2013

That bitch up and died...and race details

Yes - I don't know if its a sign that I shouldn't weigh so often or if my girth killed her - but our scale (aka flat faced bitch) has died.  I switched out her batteries and still any advice on a good scale that doesn't cost and arm or a leg and will tell me I'm skinny would  be most appreciated.

Yesterday was the 10th annual Serpents Back Race in Montauk.  Epic.  Its the fourth one I've done.  I do it as a relay - because lets face it - I like to win things and wouldn't have a shot if I did it solo.

Lots of fun yesterday - my friend did his first race and is now hooked...he wants a list of more races to do.  My brother in law and sister in law did a relay and had a blast too.

The race was brutal but fun - there is nothing like a post race beer and pizza...

It was also our 11th wedding anniversary - I was exhausted after the race so we did take in Japanese and then I passed out....sorry Mo

Looking forward to training for the yellowstone half in June 2014 
Miss Lorie is signed up and so is Hollee  at Hollee's Weight loss adventure!

Here are some pics from the weekend! 

Winner Winner!

Winning women's relay team!
Me and my Sister in law


  1. My scale died in June. I went to Target and tested a few out, and bought the one with the best findings lmao. It seems to be right on target with my Dr's scale so that is good.

  2. If you find a scale that tells you you're skinny give her my number and have her text me too. kk?

    Love the pic about your four legged kids. I'm certain S'Mai has no idea what "canine" even is! :) Love your smiles in the pictures. /hugs

  3. You truly post the best pictures. I am so jealous you get to see Lorie in June. It almost makes me want to run.....
    Maybe the universe is telling you to take a break from the scale.... Just saying.

  4. What an excellent way to spend your anniversary!
    Great job. Great pics.